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4 Resume Tips CLDU

Hey guys, many of you might say ” I don’t need to update my resume or I’ve been working at my job for many months or years why should I keep updating or editing my resume?” Well, here are the facts! Technology is always evolving meaning new things are always at bay. Change always happens. No job is secure. You always have to be alert and stay up on the latest things. You never know when your job might be closing or laying off employees. This is such a scary thought to think but it can happen to anyone. So, here are my four Resume tips!

1. Coordination. It is extremely important to keep your sentences and wording together. Make sure that your resume correlates to what your job entailed.

2. Logical Connection. Are your dates correct? Does this whole resume make sense? Do not “make up” your employment dates! Keep everything together. You may have the experience but, Younger males and females are entering into the workforce everyday with more wit and knowledge ( well we hope so). So make sure your resume is logical and it connects with the posting you are applying for.

3. Details. Develop details. Dont make it boring especially if your typing a cover letter. BE COLORFUL and by that I mean let the recruiter or the company know that you are different from the rest! If you accomplished something make sure you write about what you did exactly. Elaborate! Grab someones attention!!

4. Unity. Make sure everything is United when you are completing your resume. Make sure everything is correct, references are updated, cover letter is perfect. Double check everything and then have someone else look at it.

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About Ashley27

Im the founder of Typeup a Resume and Career Service website. I love helping people get motivated about their career goals.


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